GTA V – Dark Team Mod Loader v12.1




  • This is a modders pool menu meaning you can only connect with other modders

  • You must load to single player before going online

  • To open the mod loader: X + B

  • This works on the latest title update 1.29

  • You cannot install the modded disk when you hotswap. To hotswap GTA V, load the retail disk and get to the yellow “R” logo and swap disks at that point.




V12.1 (9 November 2015)
Correcting the key: Garage Editor
The Unlock All and many other options are maintenent 100% functional

V12 (8 November 2015)
Getting A Day From Bypass Modder Pool [1.26]
Getting A Day From menu: Spawn Car
Getting A Day From Menu: Garage Editor
Supression Menu: Mini XBLS Toothpik
Supression Menu: Slinkys Recovery
From Menu Change: Intense ii ii Offline Menu For Intense Online
Adding Menu: 2much Recovery V3
Adding Menu: Atrax Recovery
Adding Menu: Menu Mafins
Correcting the key: Venox vca menu 2
The common weight is lighter
Patch some bug to avoid freezee
Change in Loader TeamD4RK.net
Change in Loader D4RKV12

V11.6 (21 July 2015)
Correction Of Bug In The Textures Of Trainer Console V V1 and V Console Trainer V3.2