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 by Chase

So I hotswaped back in 2013 and I really wanted to get back into it and recreate fun modding memories. I ordered Motion Flex V2.1 and unfortunately the first disk did not work. I emailed ISOSICKLE about it and he went ahead and shipped another one and I got it yesterday and it installed no problem. This dude has great customer service and is willing to help you with whatever he can. Thank you ISOSICKLE for the mods and all the good times over the years, you’re the man!

 by ethan

really good - arrived on time. only problem is when i tried to load up physics n flex v3, it would be stuck on the welcome message (for reference i got project x v2 so its not like i don't have any other menus)

 by Zynx
Elasticity and Source v1

Waiting on a refund since left 4 dead didn’t work as good but it’s okay :/ world at war works perfectly fine tho so that’s good I’ll update to 4 stars when I get my refund for left 4 dead these guys are really nice and will help all issues that you have, even tho I had issues these are still a go to

 by Izaiah
Motion flex v2.1

I got my first emailed him sending me another one this is the best site ever for iso mods if they had a 10 star would give u a 10 but just five

 by Cody

I ordered 2 different mod menus and they came in a very reasonable time! I do have questions about making iso mods for left4dead 1 and black ops 1

 by Sam
Xbox rgh/jtag

Just wanna let everyone who is looking at buying a modded Xbox from this website I highly recommend this guy 1 thing you must always remember tho is it takes time and to be patient I’m from aus and it only took 3-4 weeks and when it came had a few issues connecting online and he resolved them strait away very impressed with the service was very patient really helped me out and responded super quick been playing my games now for hours and everything worked perfect thankyou will be recommending others who are interested

Much appreciate the feedback any problems feel free to get in touch

 by Brandon

I ordered my mods off this website the first disc had issues with the packaging but the issue was resolved after a few emails and got my disc in perfect condition today this website is legit they could have easily just not replied to my email but they got back to me within 24 hours.

 by Cody
Review (Updated)

On November 8, 2018, I posted a review stating I had not received my RGH, ordered on Monday October 22, 2018. With this update,I have received the console, and it does work. Just keep in mind that it will take a while for it to arrive and process if you live in the US. It did arive though, and for the delay, both Tanner and Chris did do something to make it better. If you guys are to buy an RGH, it does take a while, but don't worry, it will be there.

 by Anonymous

I am writing this review because on Monday, October 22, 2018, I ordered a Xbox 360 Slim RGH. It was two weeks before it was marked complete,and the responses via email have stopped. It is currently Thursday, November 8, 2018, and I have not had any responses to my emails in over a week,and have seen nothing come in the mail, or any updates towards the shipment of the console, or a tracking number. I have ordered from here before, and I am trying to remain patient, and they were helpful in the beginning, but as I said, they are no longer responding to my emails, and I dont know if the RGH has even been shipped. I will update everyone with a new Review, if and when my RGH does actually show up.

I just emailed you and updated you on the situation. I'll be sending you the tracking number once Chris sends it to me. You know more details via email so I hope you'll update this review/ add an updated one once you receive your RGH. I apologize for you wait man. Like I told you in the email the reason Chris wasn't responding is because he got a new phone and couldn't log into the email. It will be arriving next week for sure.

 by salvador
i have been ordeing my iso disk from this website

tanner is a good guy hes very trustful my disk came broke and he gave me a replacement this website gets 5 stars causes they are legit i recommend trying this website if you haven't modded yet it is truly reliable

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