source v1

Source v1





1. Hotswap like normal

2. Start a private match with server settings set to local instead of dedicated

3. Open the menu (must be on config 3 then press LS) and go into admin menu

4. Enable cheats and Run vScript (this will make your lobby modded)

5. Now back out/ vote to back out, change server type to dedicated (it should change back to dedicated automatically), wait for people to join your lobby, start the game

Notes: In order to use the menu you have to be in a lobby that has cheats enabled and svcheats set to 1 (pressing “run vScript”¬†in admin menu sets it to 1). Bogz Binds is also located in config 2!


Also, AgreedBog did some final retouches to Source v1 after the video was recorded.


If you know how to make your own disks and would like to download the files, click HERE.

source v1 instructions